Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Home again!

Last year we had a fire between us and Yosemite. This year its in Yosemite Park and we are getting the smoke. We barely made it through the park over Tioga Pass on Monday. Its closed due to smoke. We had a hot trip (weather) almost 2000 miles but enjoyable. Made a nice loop (well almost) Hawthorne NV, Winnemucca NV, Fruitland Idaho, Grangeville ID Missoula Montana, Dillon MT (via Hall MT where my Mother was born) Mountain Home ID, and the last night back at Hawthorne.

The trailer and truck is washed and ready to go when it cools down!!

Selling on eBay works, as I had to mail sold auctions from RV parks. Postcards, small blooklets are easy.


The Postcard Emporium said...

happy to hear you are home safe and sound!

nancy huggins said...

Hope you had a great vacation camping Judy...I would love to get away and just relax ...but then I might end up boared...Still busy making some neat soap and will be posting some pictures in my blog soon....come visit my blog when you can :)

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