Tuesday, March 17, 2009

RVing Again

Well I neglected my blog as we traveled around Central California. We wondered why our RV park was rather quiet for overnighters. They were all at Flying J Truck stop at Flag City. They let you stay overnight for free, while we paid for the comfort of hookups. There was a Good Sam RV club from Sacramento over the weekend and there were over 50 rigs (in the park not the truck stop)and pricey ones at that. But we will like our small 19 footer. But we did eat at the buffet twice at the truck stop and it was good. As we were traveling south not sure where we would sleep that night the ABS break lights went on but we were near a Dodge dealer and they fixed it late in the day for a nice sum. We decided we were so broke anyway why not sleep the last night at the casino in their designated RV area. We ate leftovers etc in the trailer and tried our luck well.......now we are home and I am getting better directing the parking of the RV in a tight spot. Our new 2 way radios help. Maybe I will post a picture later. Oh yes we had our trailer and truck washed at a truck wash where they do it for you. I was with the big rigs. Trucking on.

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Marie Reed said...

Cool! I love to hear about your adventures!

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