Monday, February 2, 2009

Yellowstone National Park

I drove through this Western Entrance to Yellowstone park near West Yellowstone, Montana for many summer vacations.
This linen postcard of the 1940's has the air brushed look so doesn't quite look the same when I was there in the 1950's camping at Madison Junction with my parents.

I always enjoyed watching the hourly eruptions of Old Faithful. I understand now there are not quite so regular (on the hour) and the steam erupting is smaller too. Not quite the sight it use to be.


Marie Reed said...

I have never been to Yellowstone! I feel like such a dud:) I would love to go camping there!

Marie Reed said...

Hey Judy! It's Postcard Friendship Friday tomorrow (PFF) Pancake Flipping Fun... Potatoes French Fried... Hope to see you there:)

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