Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Grand Coulee Dam - RPPC

These 6 postcards are part of a series of 10 that I have in my collection. I will be listing them on eBay soon. Grand Coulee Dam is built across the Columbia River. The dam is 550 feet high. They began to build it in 1933, completed in 1939.

This is the company town. Love the old parked cars.

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nancy huggins said...

I always enjoy looking at your post cards Judy and the older the better I like them. Things have been hectic around here lately and still have a Dr appt on the 23rd to make sure meds worked for bladder infection. Tomorrow I have a blood draw to check out my Vitamin D levels...I am starting to feel like an old car that needs lots of maintance...hope it gets better soon...have to start making plans of all that has to be done so we can move the end of June. I will be glad when that is over with too. At least we will be moving in warm weather.

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