Saturday, September 6, 2008

Back from Trip

I found some postcards, mostly motels which I love, in Lovelock Nevada not too far from Winnemucca. We just spent 6 days in our pop up tent trailer in Nevada and Southern Idaho. Found the nicest RV park in Mountain Home Idaho. More details later. I must unpack. I have a postcard of Glenns Ferry, Idaho or maybe I sold it I can't remember. Well I found the town and the Snake River where many lives were lost in this dangerous crossing. They even have a yearly reenactment of the crossing, but all live I hope! In this small town I found a quilt store and bought a neat sewing box. Pictures later. You will just have to wait.


Marie Reed said...

I will wait patiently like a good girl!

Juri said...

Welcome home! I will be looking forward to your pictures!!


papel1 said...

Thanks for stopping by. I posted a few new pictures.

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