Saturday, May 8, 2010

Can't believe my luck 4 Western Tanagers in a near by Oak tree.

I would like to claim these photos but 4 Western Tanager (like this one) were in my Oak Trees this morning.  Right after I saw the 2 Lazuli Buntings.  The Flycathers were gathering fluff for their nests and the rest were eating all my birdseed.


Danna Crawford said...

I can not get over the quality of your photos!!!!!!!! Very very impressive! Lucky you to see such beautiful birds too!

Christine H. said...

I have been watching the tanagers today too. There color is so bright right now due to mating season. They are attracted to my bubbling fountain, as are the other birds. It wasn't my reason for putting it in, but it has been the biggest reward. I tried to take a picture today (through the window with my iphone)...didn't work out so well.

Christine H. said...

You know I meant "their." :)

Anonymous said...

I just saw one in my yard here in Washington today. So beautiful!

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