Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Pirate Radio Stations by Andrew Yoder Underground broadcasts Interesting book

Some of the radio stations mentioned in this 2002 book are......Voice of Bozo, Voice of Anarchy, Xanax Radio,  Radio Doomsday, Radio Biscuit, Voice of Cliperton, Voice of the Voyager and many many more.  This book includes a CD and is available on eBay

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Robinson Crusoe is Santa Claus? Tuck Collectible

This is from the last page of a folded booklet.  It has become unattached and part of the first page is missing but the illustrations are nice.  Never thought I would see Crusoe dressed as Santa Claus.
Crusoe relating his adventures to his Grandchildren

1.  Crusoe taking provisions from the wreck. 2.  Out for the day's hunting 3.  Crusoe discovering footprints in the sand.
A few other pages exist....Raphael Tuck & Sons London Paris and  New York

Christmas Ornament - Teapot with meaning

A Teapot - A symbol of Hospitality, Welcome and comfort to Guests

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What happened to Sunny California?

This part of Central California gets some snow but 7 inches is a little more then usual and it is cold and refusing to melt.  The highway that goes by is clear and so is the property on the other side as they get the sun.  We are in a hole and mostly shade and it is 55 high about 25 at night so it is slow to melt.  The cats hate it, the dog is not thrilled with it and I hate it too.  Thank goodness we have one 4 wheel drive truck that will get us out of our driveway.  But the fireplace is going, spaghetti for dinner so I guess things are not too bad.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Ornaments with a meaning - Santa Claus and Bunny

Santa Claus - The Symbol of Caring and Sharing

A Bunny - Represents the Renewal of Faith in Others to Provide Guidance, Protection, and Kindness at Christmastime and throughout the Year.

More ornaments with a theme coming this week.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ornaments with Meaning - A house and a Rose

A House - Signifies the Family Shelter and Wishes that all who dwell there may Live Harmoniously.  The postcard shows a yule log train.

A Rose - Signifies Love, Affection and Beauty
A beautiful Rose ornament with glitter.

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