Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Undergoing Chemotherapy but doing OK

I am taking a break on my blog due to a health issue.  I hope to not let Breast Cancer stop my entries but its slowing me down.  I completed one chemotherapy treatment a week ago and still feel tired and achy.  I have 3 more treatments and then 5 weeks of radiation.  I am not one to keep a blog diary of the illness and hope to have some good photos of the things I am sewing.  I have put eBay on hold.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

What kind of collector are you? Look for that shoe box in the attic.

What kind of a collector are you?  There are so many things to collect but one that is popular is "OLD PAPER STUFF."  That is ephemera.That is not just your old letters, etc but can include anything made of paper.  Who purchases ephemera?  Mixed media artists who use the collectible paper stuff for collages and other art projects.  Buyers like to get letters written and mailed from  their home town.  Postmarks of Discontinued post offices are interesting to collect. My Dad was quite the cover collector and other ephemera and he would buy postal history envelopes from the towns we lived in.  My sister just gave me this letter mailed to Topeka Kansas but mailed from her town in Tulare County California. (She actually lived in Three Rivers in Tulare County not far from Milo where letter originated.  It will be going on eBay for sale soon.

You just might have some interesting ephemera in your attic.  Look for  old items tucked away in a shoe box.

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