Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Flying Kewpies Postcards to make into a Holiday Ornament 1970s Rose O'Neill

To make the Flying Kewpies, first cut out both back and front views carefully.  Just before you paste the back and  front together, place the end of a string between the front and the back of the head.  Put a weight on the Kewpie to keep him flat, and when he is dry you can hang him up by his string from the chandelier,  and play he is flying.  Hang the Flying Kewpie by their loops from the twigs of your Christmas Tree.
These Kewpie Postcards are reproductions of Rose O'Neill and produced by the Drays of Savannah MO. There were a series of 12 designs and published in the 1970's  as the cards listed here.

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