Saturday, March 30, 2019

Miner's Lettuce Edible but can be toxic

Miner's lettuce, a native winter annual broadleaf plant, is part of a complex of species and subspecies with slightly varying characteristics. It is found throughout California (except for the lower desert areas) to about 6600 feet (2000 m). Miner’s lettuce inhabits natural plant communities, agricultural land, and urban areas, with a preference for cool, damp conditions. It dries up with the onset of hot spring weather. Although the leaves are sometimes cultivated or collected for salad greens, occasionally it accumulates soluble oxalates, which can be toxic when ingested.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Back on ebay Lots to come vintage fabric book now1

I am still recovering from being a "double Hippie"  That means two replacements with learning to walk without a limp.  Good movement with hips just the tendons and muscles that are old and need to be stronger.  So today I decided to get me back on ebay and try to downsize.  Here is a book I have listed.
Click here. For Ebay auction.  A very useful book for identifying vintage fabrics.

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