Monday, September 27, 2010

Map of Alaska Postcard and Yukon Territory

Just dropping in for a quick sharing of a map postcard.  This one is a Tourist Map of Alaska and the Yukon Territory  Its linen and has a nice frame appearance to it....

It is hot again in Central California and will be most of the week, in the mid nineties.  We are home from RVing for awhile with projects going on.  Right now we are having the carport rebuilt and in a week or so we are having a huge oak tree trimmed.  Even though its quite warm there is a Fall feeling in the air with lots of acorns lying on the ground. 

I left a big tub of water on the back deck for the cat on our last trip (the one that does not travel with us.)  There was still water in it when we came back.  I have been hearing at night a frog so I wondered if he was swimming in it.  I went out this morning to look but instead saw raccoon prints at the bottom so I guess they got water too.  And two days ago a bear came and broke down the gate to get to the garbage cans.  I slept through it all.  Ah mountain living.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Shoshone Indian Woman Postcard Friendship Friday

This postcard is part of a series of postcards made for Grand Teton National Park Wyoming.  Published in the 1950's or early 1960's. She is beading a belt for her chief.

I have missed a few PFF because of our RVing trips and house projects.  Hopefully can get to a regular schedule here.  The previous post has another Native American postcard from this series.  Check out

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Agnes Deernose, Crow Indian Postcard

This is a wonderful postcard of a famous Native American Agnes Deernose.  I discovered a book has been written about her which I have not read. Deernose is a Crow Indian of the Yellowtail Family.  The postcard is published by Crandall Studios of Moose Wyoming and made by Security Lith9ograph Co San Francisco 11, Calif.

Pre zip code so I would guess the postcard is from the 1950's or early 1960's.

This postcard shows Agnes in her younger days, as the picture on the book cover is much more recent.

5 different Native American postcards including this one are on ebay.  My id is papel1.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Postcards influence Arts and Crafts, Thank You notes - universal designs

Here is the back of a postcard displaying a beautifully drawn rose.  I am always looking for ideas for embroidery, something that might be more original than a commercial designs.  I scanned the postcard, then transferred the design to muslin and stitched away.  Either I will frame it or sew it into a lavender sachet.

Postcards are often used as graphic designs for Business Cards, Thank you notes etc.  I received some wonderful magazines called Shabby Lane Shops ( mailed thru  See how Debi has a postcard image on her Thank You notes.
Postcards have many uses.

This is Blog challenge number 5 and it has been fun.  Thanks again to  Now to read everybodys blog! 

Bottle Cap Crocheted Mat and Postcards all bought while RVing.

I spotted this unusual table mat, hot pad or plant holder.....Its a crocheted mat crocheted over individual Bottle Caps.  Really different so I grabbed it as my husband liked it too.  I bought it at Buhl Winkles an Artisan  & Crafters Mall in Buhl Idaho.  A fun and friendly place to shop.



I also bought these postcards at various shops.  I especially like the Native American cards from the 50's or early 60's. I can hardly wait to list them on ebay. (papel1)

This Posting # 4 for VOL challenge.

Virtual Online Come join us, lots of fun and learning experiences

I am entering the 5 challenge blog entries for a single day, and this is my third post.  This challenge is sponsored by Virtual Online a group I highly recommend joining at

The reason I really suggest joining is that on 9/28/10 we will have our first group chat, here is details about the chat taken from their website listed above.

Come and join us for the first monthly group chat meeting.
These chats will be a time for everyone to share, problem solve, brainstorm, learn a little more about each other, and chit-chat in a private chat room setting.
All members are invited to attend. Log-in details will be emailed to you prior to the meeting time.
If you have any questions, there will be a category set up on the Message Board for "Chat". Don't be shy, we look forward to seeing eyou there

This group is so friendly, but better yet, you learn a lot about selling online, especially eBay.  There online webinars, forums, challenges, E-books Well worth the one time life fee.  All about social networking.

Comic Postcard Trailer Park with charming Couple Outhouse humor

You go your way, I'll go mine
We've been too long together
And when we meet again, my dear
Well both be feeling better!
I thought this was a good postcard to share since I have been sharing photos from our last RV trip.
It is up for auction on eBay.
Thank goodness for RVs with bathrooms.  Sure don't miss those outhouses I remember when camping as a child.

Two Rv Parks Battle Mountain and Minden Nevada

We found a new RV Park in Battle Mountain Idaho called Clark Park.  It is not especially pretty and there are no amenities but what is great about it is that the full hook up spaces are huge.  I see large motorhomes sometimes pulling boats and wonder where they they can park overnight.  These RV spaces are perfect and right off of I 80 in Nevada.  You can walk to a drugstore, grocery store, fast food and Family Dollar so no need to unhook. 
The second park is in Minden Nevada 10 miles from Carson City.  Here the RV Park is attached to CarsonValley Inn a casino resort with lots of ammenities.  The RV park is shaded with lovely trees and you are allowed to use the resorts pool and spa and of course gamble (or not). The restaurants there are also wonderful.  This was Casper the Cats favorite park and walked everyone (on his leash)  There is an efficient kiosk for checking in.  Campers are friendly, groups gather and everyone is having a great time.  We spent 3 nights there on 2 separate trips.
 We can't live without our Trailer Life RV Parks, Campgrounds and Services Directory 2010. The ratings are helpful and they tell you if there are pull through or back in spaces, is wifi available, RV Supplies, Propane and lots more.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bonneville Flats near Wendover Utah

Left the flats this morning.  Quite a place.  Talk about rough roaders near the area, no race cars today but quite a site.  You probably have seen those postcards that sell bags of salt from the Great Salt Lake?  I could have gathered up some salt and made my own postcards.  Ebay has picked up and I am mailing 3 auctions while on the road.  What a great retirement.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hagerman RV Park, Hagerman Idaho

Its dark here in Idaho in Hagerman RV Park.  We walked into town and found one antique store, a craft store and grocery store.  It is near the Snake River about 45 miles from Twin Falls. 
I hear there is a quilt store in Wendell ID about 10 miles away.  Then Buhl looks like a nice place to visit.  On to somewhere tomorrow,

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Handmade Postcards by Claudia Liliana Gonzales Vasquez.

My facebook friend and Thrifty vault fellow member Claudia Liliana Gonzales Vazquez of Mexico illustrates, draws and creates wonderful postcards with a special flair.  They are for sale on her Etsy Store.  She also makes other fun whimsical items.

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