Sunday, April 27, 2008

Motel Postcards

Motel Postcards are very collectible. If older cars are parked in front that makes it even better. A great collectible is a motel postcard from Route 66.
Linen and Chrome and RPPC (Real Photo Post Cards ) make up Motel postcards.
Even postcards from the 1970's are even considered Vintage. The backs of postcards can be interesting too. The sender might describe his trip. Check out the postmarks too.

Handmade Vintage Button Cards

Here are some button cards that I made. I have sold some on Ebay and enjoy making them.

Postcards Sold on Ebay

These are postcards that were good sellers for me on Ebay. I enjoy going through my boxes of postcards looking for ones to list, others to keep for myself to use in craft projects or I put some away for gifts to friends. Later today I will work on my profile, and try to figure out how to do links, and other things to this blog. Later I will put up a link to my auctions, but my seller name is papel1.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Favorite Postcards

I am new with this blog and look forward to sharing my favorite postcards. The Plus in my name covers the ephemera and handcraft items I make.

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