Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Welcoming the New Year 2018

Due to health issues I have been neglecting my blog and since I have started the New Year with Journaling this would also be a  good place to write.  While reading my emails some from friends, others from crafty and creative business people I get new ideas.  Today an article about 2018 popped my interest.  It said to pick a word that would be encouraging for the year.  Well I was thinking of HEALTH, HEALTHY WELLNESS but decided to pick a phrase that was in one of our doctors reports.  It was AGE RELATED.  Everytime there is some problem, usually minor,we now say it is Age Related.  I will be 76 and need to face Hip Replacement (maybe) and working on diet for Heitus  Hernia.

But I pass the days with hand embroidery and now working with Essential Oils which feel good on my hips. I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR.  Not selling much on eBay  but planning on using my boxes of ephemera in making JUNK JOURNALS

Good Bye 2017


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