Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hollywood and Vine old cars crossing famous intersection - Postcard

This is a great postcard of a famous intersection Hollywood and Vine in Hollywood  CA part of Los Angeles.  I cannot resist buying a postcard with vintage cars.  I love the old yellow Taxicab which
 I believe is a Dodge.  In the center, the red car is a Kaiser.  The white car on the far left is a Buick with a gray chevy parked at an angle.  Behind the Kaiser is a 1949 Ford.  I do not know what the gray car to the right of the Taxi is or what year.
This famous corner has been mentioned in many songs and stories.  This is the heart of Hollywood where many celebrities pass daily on their way to the studios or to one of the famous restaurants located near this intersection.
Another great chrome postcard from the 1950's with classic old cars.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

RV Embroidery Project Trailer & Tent Postcard Mt. Shasta California

Since my last post was about RVing heres more.  Lets face it I want to hit the road again.  What better project to work on while traveling is hand embroidery. Of a vintage travel trailer, and a tent if you really want to rough it.  Not me!!

I think we just might be heading to the Mt. Shasta area soon for our next RV trip.

Friday, August 20, 2010

PFF Old Travel Trailer and National Radio Day and QSL card

Thanks Beth at http://thebestheartsarecrunchy.blogspot.com/ for hosting Postcard Friendship Friday

We just came back from RVing with a newer travel trailer then whats in this postcard.  And its in Phoenix (Oregon not Arizona.)

Beth picked the theme of National Radio Day so I grabbed this card.  It is a QSL card that verifies you made contact with the radio stations sponsoring the event.  Often QSL cards are printed as postcards so you can mail without an envelope.  This particular card has details about the special event station honoring Barry Goldwater who was a Ham radio operator with the call sign K7UGA.  Many famous people are ham radio operators, my favorite talk radio host Art Bell is a ham operator.  So am I Judy KE6GTR.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rving for Several Days with good books to read

Went to the library and these are the books I am taking with me for several days of relaxtion.
1.  U.S. Mails by Arthur E. Summerfield. (research for my postcards and old letters)
2.  Bid, Buy and Sell online by the Kovels'.  Looks like a pretty basic book for beginners but I see a few tips I could use.
3.  The Sinister Pig by Tony Hillerman.  I like rereading these books as we travel frequently to Arizona and New Mexico.
U.S. mail;: The story of the United States postal service,

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Postcard Friendship Friday - Mystery Church RPPC Religious man

Happy PFF.  I know its Thursday but I sleep in late (ah isn't retirement wonderful) and sometimes forget by Friday afternoon to get a postcard posted.  I have been looking at this postcard for many months wondering which church it is.  Information on the back reads.....The Miller Studio, Cleveland Ohio.  And who the religious man is. Our great leader for PPF is found at

Casey Jones American Folk Hero, Vintage Postcard Jackson Tennessee

Casey Jones is an American hero.  He lived from March 14, 1863 until his untimely death on the Cannonball Express where he was the only casualty of a train collision.  Probably breaking and slowing down the train saved the lives of the passengers. It did not prevent a collision with the freight train.   As a result of his fame is the famous song THE BATTLE OF CASEY JONES.  He is celebrated as a brave engineer, famous in railroad history.  He is buried in Calvery Cemetery in his hometown of Jackson Tennessee.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Embroidered Postcard Made in Spain

I found this postcard a few days ago in an antique/collectible mall.  There were quite a few so I dont think they are all that old.   Embroidered postcards were either made by hand or machine.  I would guess this onewas sewn by machine.  I liked it so bought it so I could go home with something.  It is getting harder to find good unique postcards in the antique stores today.  But I keep looking and find a gem now and then.  How is your postcard shopping going?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Trying to Stay on the Cutting Edge Slideshows!

I see all these slideshows with music ( mostly from uTube )but have been experimenting with Smilebox.  The 4 pictures on the previous post here aren't too exciting. Just a collage. I have another website and I did a postcard slideshow which I thought turned out pretty good.  Just click on Smilebox on lower right hand corner and check it out.



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Friday, August 6, 2010

Antique Mall Find - Sewing items with postcard /kit scrapbooking

I found this at an antique/collectibles mall and thought it was a nice idea.  In the packaging there is old lace, ribbon, embroidery thread for a piece of fabric hidden, and more.  What caught me eye was the addition of a postcard. There was a nice label but because the price was on it they removed it without my noticing.   Hummm makes my creative mind working overtime.  

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Miniature Photo Booklets Across America with many views.

I just love these small reproduction photo books.  Some have address and stamp boxes on the back.  The are often plastichrome reproductions, colorful reprints and views in natural color.  These 4 booklets are of the Ozarks, Williamsburg, VA Jamestown VA and Historic Philadelpia  These booklets are about 3 in by 4 in. 
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