Saturday, March 12, 2016

My Father at a Stamp Convention Los Angeles California - Started my collection of Postal History Covers

Many years ago my Dad collected USA Postage Stamps  He is the Gentleman on the LEFT.  Years later he discovered that finding stamps on an old envelopes was even more interesting.  The Stamps were not removed and the whole envelope was collected.  It did not matter if there were no contents although that could make that more interesting...He started a collection of Postal History Covers for me where I lived.  Living in the Gold Rush Country of California I received a lot of interesting covers.  My  collections also included Postcards, Trade Cards and other pieces of interesting paper items.  I use to see him looking at old covers over and over and thought how boring.  He would be pleased if he knew how now I sit on the sofa looking at pieces of history with a magnifying glass.

From his collection.  

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