Saturday, June 22, 2013

Yellowstone National Park - Fishing Bridge where the tourist can catch a trout.

I spent many summers in Yellowstone National Park.  My Dad was a teacher so we would take the whole summer off to fish in Montana.  Not too exciting for a young girl.  He normally would stay away from the tourist areas like the above FISHING BRIDGE.  But if we went to Yellowstone Lake we might have driven over the bridge.  You could fish off the bridge.  When staying in the park we would stay at  the campground at Madison Junction for 2 weeks.  That was the limit we could stay, so we would drive out of the park, through West Yellowstone and towards Ennis Montana for more fishing.  If I was lucky we would visit relatives in Helena Montana for a clean up.

Then back to Madison Junction in the Park for maybe another 2 week stay.  We did not have an RV but a 4 person tent. (Later on when were older my Mother insisted that we get a tent just for us girls.)
Now I have a confession.  On the center pole of this second tent I taped up pictures of movie stars like Tab Hunter.  We sure did get bored, did not fish but I did see a lot of the USA as a child and now have that trailer I always wanted.

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