Thursday, September 20, 2012

2 Cats decided to adopt us.......

I heard a meow on the deck and found a rather large calico kitten.  She was a little skittish but looking for a home.  Soon a black kitten showed up.  Before I  knew it they had a big dinner, lots of water and places to hide under the deck.  I thought well I need mousers but they are on their own as far as survival.  We have wild life and a busy highway.  If they are still here in 3 months I will get them fixed.  

They are so cute and a lot of fun but I wonder if they were dropped off on the highway.  We live near the SPCA which is often closed.  

Spotty and Blacky

Such a cute Calico kitten

He is so Frisky

Our 25 year old cat Little Killer is glad of the company

Joey is not so happy with the new editions to our family.  Lets hope the bears, raccoons, Bobcats, or Mountain Lion do not get them.  Or that old Highway!!
My previous post has Cat postcards.....must have known that they were going to show up.

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Christine H. said...

I would have had trouble resisting too...especially the calico.

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