Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Good article on Collecting....Is it in the DNA? Ruby Lane

The nature vs. nurture scientific debate is continuous. Does it apply to collecting? | Notes From the Lane

The thing I found interesting about this article is the age of stamp collectors.  They are not young.  The author says we should have our children, grandchildren help work with you on your collections, putting them in albums etc..  Then he said he went to the website of Philatelic Club of America and all the officers and board members were over 65.  Well I have some stamps in my collection and I am over 65.  I had better give a few precancels to my niece and nephews.  They will ask what are Precancels?  For some reason I don't think they will be too interested, but they do seem to like postcards.

Children with pets and pretty flowers I think would attract the young collector.

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Ashley Garrick said...

This is really cute. :) it really reminds me of something and someone. :p
Ashley | Olympics 2012 London

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