Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mother and Baby CDV and Postcard Antique Vintage

For Sale on eBay
Antique Photos Low opening Bid

These 2 photos are quite old and you do not find many pictures of mothers and child. Low opening bid due to condition, but you can buy it now for another low price of $3.00. And not only that I will add an RPPC of my choice since I am trying to clean out my stash of postcards to make room for more.

The postcard is in poor to maybe fair condition. Edges are rough, discoloration but a nice photo. What a digital program would do for the PC. The other smaller card called CDV is also quite rough in appearance but the photo is great. I would say this is late 1800s, Mother and child. It measures 2 1/2 in by 4 1/8 inches.
Shipping and Handling is $1.00 USA, $1.25 Canada, $2.25 International


Lynn S. said...

Hi, Judy! nice postcards

Fran said...

Judy that is a neat postcard.

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