Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kewpie Postcard from the 1970's and a lazy day here! A bucket of kewpies.

I am stretched out watching football when  should be up eating lunch.  Aren't netbooks wonderful.  Its on my lap and happily the photos are uploading again.  These kewpies were part of a collection of private artwork by Rose O'Neill and published by the owners as postcards in 1976. I bought quite a collection.


Sue said...

Hi Judy - happy New Year to you and all that. Hope you're keeping well. Kike you using a Netbook at the minute - marvellous invention - lol

Christine H. said...

I'm glad your pictures are uploading again, especially since it means we get to see Kewpies.

nancy huggins said...

I bet you are having fun going through all the post cards you got for Christmas...I wnjoy looking at them too :)
Happy New Year Judy

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