Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Favorite Garden Stepping Stone

Just stopping by to say hello to all my Blogging Friends. I have had other irons in the fire so haven't been making any daily entries or entering any challenges. I am now sitting by the fire with this new laptop but do not have many pictures on it to share.. I do like the Picasa Program which is installed on this laptop, and their button you just click to get to Blog This. I am feeling a little sad because one of the deer that hangs around here was hit on the highway last night. This happens a lot but I always feel bad. And we use to have a wild peacock visit daily for bird seed but he seems to have disappeared. He has been around for years so hopefully he is OK or died naturally. Other visiters are possoms, racoons, bear, bobcats (rare) and coyotes. But country living is great because I had no line in front of me when voting. We had much needed rain and now it is cool and crisp outside. Happily Ebay sales have picked up for me and I need to list more postcards. So back to the desktop. I love wifi.
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nancy huggins said...

I didn't have to wait in line to vote either..just had to walk across the street and could watch to see how busy they were.
I didn't know there was so many wild life animals in your area. Sounds like a nice place to live and relax.

Marie Reed said...

Poor deer! I can imagine it would get lonesome with out your critter friends. You sound like Snow White! I can imagine bids perching on your finger and cleaning tour house:)

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