Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Bulletin Board Show Me - Wednesdays

This weeks theme for Show Me Wednesdays is Bulletin Boards. To find out more and to see other bulletin boards go to She has a great blog to read!
Heres my bulletin board. Store purchased, made of cork and always changing, and rather messy.


Cathy said...

Judy, your bulletin board looks great! It's filled with all sorts of fun stuff! To me that's what I like to see the most--is all the cool stuff people have on their bulletin boards. Thanks for joining us in Show Me Wednesdays!

Cathy :)

Collecting said...

Hi Judy, I like your is mine too!

I was going to join the Show Me Wednesdays...but at this moment I didn't have a bulletin board...I had one like yours and was always going to fix it up is still not up....

I like what you have on yours. Looks like you have a fun time in your art work...I love the old photos and anything vintage..have some neat postcards too...Sometime I think I collect it all!!! LOL!!!

My home is full of goodies...I plan to sell some on Esty...Some my assemblages, collages. Made from old lace, vintage fabric and trinkets...I'm into the mixed media many ideals....lots to do....

Right now I been into taking pictures of Texas wild flowers...I have two blogs, if you have a moment check them out...I did put some tag art on awhile back...and some pictures of old dolls around my home....

I just started bloging this year and love the journey into blogland of what others are doing with there artist's works....

You have fun!
from the heart of Texas!

Deena Davis said...

Hi Judy!! I love your bulletin board! Lots of interesting things you have tacked on there. That bag of scrabble tiles looks like it would come in handy for a lot of things!

*Linda Pinda* said...

Hi Judy!
It was sooooo nice to hear from you! I love your blog and have it saved to my Favorites so that I can check out the latest goodies!!! Everything is so pretty!

:~)... *Linda*

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