Thursday, August 2, 2018

Hand Embroidery while recovering from Hip Replacement

I am not so much into postcards or other ephemera since I am not selling on ebay.  I have spent most of the last months recovering from Hip replacement surgery in April.  Good results although I still need to use my cane and get stronger.  Good news I will be having the other hip replaced next week.  I hope then to feel better although my  knees are looking a little big.  I need to walk more but with smoke from the California fires and the heat I do not walk outside as much as I should.  I sure miss RVing but maybe soon.

Staying at home mostly with shopping ventures and weekly sewing gatherings.  I have been doing quite a big of hand embroidery which I will picture below.

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latinaturK said...

Hey Ms. Judy. Hope you get better soon. That's a huge thing you had done. All my computers are broke. Don't ask, lol.🤪 I use only my phone, and the original app. for this blog, sucks
I just recently ran into another one, so gonna see how it works out. I am mostly on Twitter, but lost all connections like you. I know there is a list in here somewhere, but last time I found it, everyone 's blog had not been attended too. Will look for ya'll again. Is those fires near you? I cant believe all of California is burning, God is coming is all I can say. Stay safe, and I need that RV so I can pack you up and take you to Texas. LoL.😱🙂 lynn

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