Friday, January 27, 2012

Why do I not get any work done? Its Joey

I know I should be writing about postcards.  I have to put them out of site or the dog just might eat them.  I need to take more pictures but had to use my iPhone. I got this dog a week ago From the SPCA and no one seems to know what she is breed wise.  Well the gal at the SPCA said a dutch hound, well I looked that up and one really does not exist just a nickname and she did not match the picture. One form from them also said lab/bassett....well it does kind of look like a hound dog with short legs.  Looks like it might have some dach...wiener dog to me.  Oh yes the rabies receipt said chi mix.  But she is cute, loves to walk and is stubborn too.  So better get back to those postcards.  
All errors in this post are blamed on Joey who wants to go outside.


Unknown said...

Too Cute! I know you are having major distractions with a new "child" in the house. They are a constant source of joy (and lots of energy!

nancy huggins said...

I LOVE Joey Judy...If I lived close to you I would come to visit her. You will be rewarded for anything you do for her. Dog's are more Loyal that any person on Earth..They need a lot of attention but give great rewards. Can't wait until I can start selling my cook book (Feb 28th) and start helping dog shelters. The first one on my list to help is one that Betty White sponsors.
Give Joey a hug for me :)

Catch My Words said...



shelena said...

So cute when a new child is born and having fun with a mother and a father. Also it has removed from the stress when your child sweet smile at you.

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