Sunday, February 13, 2011

Handmade Fabric and Collage Valentine's Day Postcards by Judy

I love making handmade cards, especially postcards.  The first pictured is a collage I made out of a vintage photo with Valentine Greetings and Sentiments printed on muslin and cut into strips.  Designs were glued down on background scrapbooking paper with added fancy red trim.
The second postcard is made of felted wool.  Here I finished it off with blanket stitch.  On the first collage postcard I printed a postcard template for the back to address for mailing.  The second card I backed with muslin and added a stamp box and words Post Card.  I have probably shared these cards before but its appropriate for Valentines Day.
Here is where I get my ideas for Fabric Postcards

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nancy huggins said...

How cool is that..Just what I needed..another idea LOL. Love that idea. My Aunt used to cut bark off of a white birch tree and use it as a post card and mailed it..I always thought that was a neat idea..They lived up in the mountains in Canada :)

beverlyz said...

Very pretty vintage Valentine postcards!! So adorable!

Anonymous said...

wow, Judy..those are wonderful!

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